Who Are You When You’re in Hot Water?

TODAY IS halfway through five weeks of lockdown – significant for South Africans, though there is nowhere remaining on the globe that some form of lockdown is not happening, where it may, or where it in some cases is being eased. Concepts like hard or soft lockdown, essential services, to mask or not to mask, have become part of life.

It’s a funny thing, being halfway (at this stage it’s still five weeks)… It’s not quite shock denial anymore, and there’s some appreciation of relief from traffic and food being back on the shelves – after a fashion. There are most likely still those bouts of worry interspersed with chilling on the couch, and even a little acceptance of where we find ourselves now. It’s also two days before we were expecting lockdown to end, so there may be a little weariness with the situation creeping in, and wondering how we are going to get through the next two and a half weeks and what comes after.

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