Self-Help Solutions

Self-Help CBT and Mindfulness Solutions

Due to the high demand for CBT and mindfulness programs, I’ve been involved in the founding of various online self-help solutions. Before you run away screaming at the idea of doing an online program, take a look at these! I highly recommend that you give them a try. 

Thoughtsfirst, a self-help CBT website

self-help solutions cbt mindfulness

Choose from a selection of free and paid self-help CBT products, including including PDF guides to handling panic, anxiety, sleep, stress, etc., or you can find eBooks on the same topics,  as well as guided audios and meditations, and printed books—plus you can even register for an online mindfulness course

Products include: 

+ Anxiety & Worry CBT Tips*
+ Panic CBT Tips*
+ Sleep CBT Tips*
+ Social Phobia CBT Tips*
+ Stress CBT Tips*
*All of the above are in the form of free PDF downloads
+ Optimal Functioning | Relaxation Guided Audio
+ Butterfly Wisdom | Guided Audio Decision-Making Tool
+ Dealing With Panic The CBT Way | eBook
+ The Practical Mindfulness Book | Paperback Version
+ Essentials of Presence & Mindfulness | Online Course

Click here to visit the thoughtsfirst website.

The Practical Mindfulness Program

self-help solutions cbt mindfulness

The Practical Mindfulness program was born out of a conversation that I had with high performance life and executive coach Neil Bierbaum. We found ourselves sharing how beneficial mindfulness and meditation has been for both of us. Both of us agreed that it had helped us, firstly, with life in our colourful country, South Africa, and secondly,  to navigate calmly and rationally through the various upheavals we’ve both experienced in our lives. We wondered how anyone gets by without it.

This gave us the idea of bringing mindfulness to everyone, in a practical way that could be used anytime, anywhere. Out of these conversations, the live workshop series took shape.  We’ve run the series several times now—a few hundred people have attended—and received knockout feedback each time. Since then, we’ve run the program for a few corporates, co-authored a book, and put the whole program online, with videos, downloadable PDFs and audio tracks for those who prefer to listen instead of read. 

Options include: 

The Practical Mindfulness Online Self-Study Program

The Practical Mindfulness program is available as an online self-study program. The online study program covers all the content of the live program and more! It includes excerpts from the book, plus exercises that are unique to this format! It’s easily accessible via laptop or mobile phone.
You’ll also keep your access to the material once you’ve finished the course. In other words, you’ll be able to watch the videos as refreshers. You can also continue the two guided meditations—there’s a 10-minute and a 20-minute version—all of which you can use for your ongoing, regular practice.

The Practical Mindfulness Printed Book

The book, authored by Neil Bierbaum and co-authored by me, covers all the material of the workshop series, and more. Plus, it’s a book, so you can carry it around with you, mark it up, and use it as a handy reference.
Its 242 pages are jam-packed with clearly marked scientific references, key concepts, real-life examples, exercises to do while reading, and uniquely crafted meditation and other practices to save for later. You won’t want to leave it at home, it will be a good friend to you!

The Practical Mindfulness Public Workshop Series

The Practical Mindfulness public workshop series consists of six live workshops—one to cover each of the program modules—over a period of two months. We stage the public workshop series twice a year in Johannesburg, each time over an eight-week period.
You’ll enjoy a live, personal experience with Neil and I presenting and being available to answer questions on the spot. Check the website or sign up to the newsletter to stay informed of the dates.

The Practical Mindfulness Corporate Program

The Practical Mindfulness corporate program consists of a series of six two-hour nano-sessions, run fortnightly, for groups of 25-40 at a time. It can be staged for select audiences, for example as part of a team-build or off-site. In addition, it can be held as a regular drop-in program for all staff, for example in the company auditorium.
An online version is also available, including a white-label version for large-scale projects.  The program can also be tailored to include particular corporate values or program objectives.

What are you waiting for? Wherever you are is the entry point! Click to find out more about Practical Mindfulness.