The practise offers a range of services, always tailored to fit the person and their unique circumstances, personality and experiences.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT):
* for anxiety disorders; specialising in Panic and in Social Anxiety.
* Stress management, resilience building (adding to your coping resources in order to meet the demands of daily living;    resources are tailored to fit your individual life circumstances and personality). Work-life balance for working parents and  combined with coaching for those building a career.
* Personal branding (what are your natural strengths, what fits authentically, how to integrate your brand within your system)
* Life-skills training: assertion, social skills, presentations, mindfulness

CBT services are done individually as well as in groups. I run a social skills group, also groups for social anxiety and for the fear of public speaking. Research has shown that the actual experience in the group- where everyone else has the same issue, so it’s a safer space to practise your skills in- is what helps you overcome the anxiety quickly and effectively.

Group workshops and group CBT have been a focus during 2015 and ongoing. Work-life balance, stress and resilience, assertiveness, relaxation methods, mindfulness, Living with Bipolar and Social Success are some of the groups which have been run through 2015 and 2016. The website has more information on who is involved in each group, the times and dates of groups and workshops,and a summary of what will be covered.

Skype consults are available for those who cannot attend ongoing consults in Johannesburg. Each situation is assessed individually.

In 2013 I released a website for self-help based in CBT., which is updated periodically.
Click on the relevant face(s) for free self-help CBT tools at Thoughtsfirst, and find me on twitter @thoughts1st.

This YouTube video gives you quick tips on stress, choosing a CBT therapist, and panic attacks.