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I am starting 2017 in brand new rooms at Premier Health Centre, 13 Mackay St, Blairgowrie.
Contact number 0105912223

Here is a video clip I did for Sadag on stress in the workplace.

Watch this space for upcoming half-day workshops, and check in at for new self-help downloads.
A new face has joined the Thoughtsfirst family, and offers you a free tool for dealing with Worry.

8 October 2016: 9am -12
Mindfulness in a morning! Specially designed to be practical, with tools you learn on the day and can use immediately. Limited seats, so if you are interested you can book via the e mail on this pamphlet.

11 June 2016, 2-5pm
Workshop for Social Anxiety
Do you feel really anxious being the centre of attention? Or speaking up in a group? Is meeting new people something you’d rather avoid? And if you are asked to present a talk, would you do anything to avoid it?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may have social anxiety disorder (SAD) and would benefit from this workshop. It is CBT based and run in a supportive environment where all participants are dealing with social anxiety of some kind- a level playing filed and a safe place to try out new techniques you will learn. The workshop is practical, so you can learn and practise methods to be able to use them immediately. The effects are also cumulative and lasting.

To book please call us at 0112850088 or contact us at
Numbers limited for this workshop, to ensure personal attention.


In memorium (May 2016)
Today the CBT community -and many others- bid farewell to a colleague and friend who left us far too soon. His incredible capacity to make extensive knowledge and experience accessible to everyone, help those deemed beyond help, as well as his wicked sense of humour, are just a few things we will celebrate as we miss them. Rest in peace, Kevin.


ASSERTION WORKSHOP – 31 October 2015
Do you want to be able to get your point across easily?

Do you want to know how to ‘fight fair?’ (because a degree of conflict is part of life)

Do you wish you could speak up, without fear of getting it wrong or offending someone?

If this is you, we have the solution. At our half-day Assertion Skills workshop you will learn what assertion is (and is not), the simple rules around assertive communication, obstacles to being assertive, and how to develop your own style of assertive communication. The workshop is practical, as experiential learning is the quickest and most effective way of acquiring new skills. Our aim is for you to leave this workshop with knowledge, skills you can use immediately, and the potential for significantly healthier relationships.

Presented by Dr Colinda Linde & Tyrone Edgar, clinical psychologists
Venue: Akeso Clinic, Randburg

Time: 8 for 8.30am, ends 11.30am
Cost: R300 (incl. notes and refreshments)
Booking: 011 285 0088

A big thank you to Shirley, owner of Silver Birch Emporium, for hosting the Spring Clean workshop – and sharing her delightful Tea Ceremony with us. Thank you too, to the lovely ladies who were part of this afternoon, and who have taken on the 21 day challenge! One of the many take home goodies was a reminder bracelet, which has a daisy on it to symbolise keeping things simple, and the word “moment” to remind us of the importance of being present mindfully, in each moment as it unfolds.

The next workshop will be in November, and we will focus on Mindfulness- in your daily life, mindful eating (just in time for the holidays), and using mindfulness to manage your emotions. If you’d like for reserve a place, mail us on or call Shirley at 0828057912. Date to be confirmed.

Latest news: September 2015

This month sees an afternoon tea with a difference, to coincide with the refreshing energy of Springtime!

On Friday 14 August I addressed 80 ladies to celebrate Women’s day. The focus for their day was on celebrating Strong Women- may we know them, be them and raise them.
I took one of my toolkits along, and a great time was had! Learning is at it’s best when it’s fun!

3 August 2015: I have again had the privilege of working with Unilever on an updated Dove campaign. This one is all about the Legacy we leave our daughters, and is especially relevant to me as I have a pre-teen daughter plus nieces slightly older and younger. See

Dove inspires women to leave a Positive Beauty Legacy
Dove Self-Esteem Project encourages women to create a positive beauty legacy for the next generation
Johannesburg, 3 August 2015 – Is the way you feel about your looks something constructed over time or something you are born with?  Dove believes beauty is a construct, and Dove research indicates the way women feel about their own beauty is having a profound effect on the self-esteem of girls around them.

Global research from Dove shows nearly three quarters of girls (71%) feel pressure to be beautiful,1 but are less likely to let anxiety about looks hold them back if they feel they have a positive role model2.  With a troubling 8 out of 10 women saying they dislike at least one aspect of their physical appearance3, Dove is asking all women to make a difference to the lives of the next generation by ensuring their own beauty legacy is a positive one.  A film from the global brand, Dove: Legacy, [] illustrates how important it is for women to see the beauty in themselves, so that they can pass those positive feelings on to the girls in their lives.

Dove believes all women have a role to play in setting a confident example for the next generation by feeling good about their own beauty and acting with positivity towards the way they look.  Expert members of the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s Global Advisory Board, Jess Weiner and Sharon Haywood, have offered some top tips for all women for how to be a strong role model, including rejecting perfectionism, cutting out self-criticism and openly supporting other women.  And on 9 October 2015 in London, the Dove Self-Esteem Project will host the first-ever Women in the World: Generation Girl Summit as part of Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit series.  Through this exclusive partnership, Dove will connect real role models with real girls to inspire and encourage young women to recognize their potential and pursue excellence.

The research shows girls can name an average of three women in their lives they look up to, with mums identified as the number one role model for more than half of them4.   The Dove: Legacy film focuses on this influence of mums and shows the direct effect their feelings about beauty, both positive and negative, have on their daughters.  The mums and daughters (7-10 years old) in the film were invited to write two lists each: what they like and do not like about the way they look.  The film reveals that daughters’ lists are remarkably similar to their mums’ lists, emphasising how in-tune girls are with even the subconscious cues their role models give them and how feelings about beauty can be passed on to the next generation.

“Whether she is a mother, aunt, coach, teacher, or sister, every woman has the opportunity to make a difference to a girl’s self-esteem,” said Kate Swan, marketing manager at Dove South Africa.  “By ensuring their own beauty legacy is positive, all women can help the next generation of girls grow up to be happy and content, free from the pressure of beauty stereotypes and the burden of self-doubt.”

Dove Self-Esteem Project

As part of its commitment to helping the next generation of women raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential, the Dove Self-Esteem Project delivers self-esteem education to young people (primarily girls) aged 7-17 years through lessons in schools, activities for mentors, online resources for parents and partnerships with youth organizations.

The Dove South Africa Self-Esteem Project is making an impact in schools across Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, addressing issues around body confidence and self-esteem. This is presented in an interactive and dynamic way, with engaging presenters who inspire their young audience to view their own beauty in a different light. The Dove South Africa Self-Esteem Project is currently in its second year and has already reached over 72 000 young girls to date.

Dove Self-Esteem Project resources have been developed in collaboration with parents, teachers, youth leaders and self-esteem experts as well as endorsed by an independent global advisory board and academically validated to prove their positive impact.  The education programmes and fun interactive activities, downloadable at , are designed to help girls overcome beauty-related anxieties that stop them from being happy and confident.  The Dove Self-Esteem Project has reached over 16 million young people globally to date with self-esteem education and with your help we can reach even more.

Visit the Dove South Africa website, the Dove Facebook page here or follow @Dove_ZA on Twitter for more information.


Have you seen the latest campaign by Dove? Look for the Patches experiment, on Youtube- it’s all about inner beauty versus outer beauty, and how beauty should be a source of confidence and not anxiety. I have done an interview on Classic FM and will have just appeared on Expresso (see link: I will also be a speaker at a Dove ladies breakfast at the Hyatt, Rosebank, on 16 May, discussing this topic. See you there!


Just published on www.thoughtsfirst- my new eBook containing the top 7 Tools, plus Tips and 1 Trick, to teach kids about healthy food choices.

As of 1 September 2013, I have moved to my permanent rooms in G Block, Hurlingham Office Park (entrance Woodlands Drive), corner William Nicol & Republic. 011 285 0088 or 082 854 1360.

I am finally on twitter, @thoughts1st
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The products are a menu of online CBT for a range of anxiety disorders, as well as for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their thoughts.
You will have a menu of products to choose from, according to what you need. Of course an online assessment can not replace a face to face consult with a mental health professional for diagnosis and in some instances, treatment. There is mounting research, however, to demonstrate the effectiveness of online CBT (links will be posted on

I have just added a new FREE product- Daily Coping with Panic.  There is also a new feature called Daily Thoughts, on the site as well as a (free) subscription option. Every day you will find a quote, comment or question- and sometimes all three, to stimulate your own thoughts.

I was a guest on the 1000th show of Great Expectations, the longest running parenting show on local television (etc, Mon-Wed, 11.30-12.30). As I was on the very first show, it was wonderful to celebrate this baby’s birthday!


On 30 August I was speaker at the AGM of the Johannesburg Chapter for the IABC (International Association for Business Communications). The topic included optimal functioning, and Kung Fu Panda 2!

I visited with 702 again on Women’s Day, 9 August, celebrating women who manage their lives well, while being involved in many different roles.

*I will be on 702 with Lee Bennie, this Thursday, 12 July at 8pm. We will be discussing happiness and if we have found it yet- this is sure to be an interesting one!

*Friday 6 July, I was an expert on SADAG’s Facebook Fridays online chat, at 1pm and at 7pm. Find SADAG on facebook under South African Depression and Anxiety Group.  It is World Panic day on 10 July, so Panic was our main theme of discussion.

*On 10 July I was a guest on 3 talk with Noeleen (SABC 3, 4.30-5.30pm), on Panic Disorder and Social Phobia. Guests were (from the left) Cindy from SADAG, me, Dr Rykie Liebenberg and Dr John Chabalala, both psychiatrists. A very courageous and altruistic young man, Garth, also appeared as a guest- he has had social anxiety since the age of 2, sought treatment in his 20s (CBT and meds), and is living proof that you can get your life back! Well done, Garth, in coming onto live national TV to bring hope to so many others suffering from social phobia, and who think there is no hope. Noeleen also raised the important topic of stigma and mental health, and we discussed how technology has helped people access therapy (mainly CBT) when they cannot find the correctly trained therapist in their area. Watch this site for launch of online self-help CBT products, in MP3 and MP4 versions, by the end of August (feel free to contact the rooms to find out more).

*Panic Awareness Day – 10 July
As part of Panic Awareness Day 2012 on the 10thJuly, SADAG will be dedicating itsFacebook Friday live chat on 6thJuly to the topic of Panic Disorder and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). SADAG invites anyone with a question related to Panic Disorder or CBT to log onto the Facebook chat and post their questions on the 6thJuly, there are two sessions one at 1pm and the other 7pm. Clinical psychologist and leading CBT expert, Dr Colinda Linde and SADAG Founder, Zane Wilson, whose own experience with Panic Disorder motivated her to start SADAG will be on at 1pm. Psychiatrist Dr Ingrid Williamson and Dr Colinda Linde will be answering questions at 7pm. To find a link to our Facebook page go to our website and click on the Facebook icon. Information, downloads and brochures are also available on SADAG’s

*Look out for press coverage for Panic Awareness Day. Watch Shift on SABC1 at 1:30pm and 3Talk on SABC3 at 4.35pm on Tuesday 10th July. You can also listen to SA fm on Tuesday evening at 9pm with Psychologist Bradley Drake.
Click here to read more about Panic Disorder

*I am co-presenting a breakfast talk called “Is your company practising safe stress” which deals with burnout, what it costs you personally as well as for the organisation, and how to prevent it. My co-presenter is Richard Hawkey, a local ex-banker who suffered burnout and depression, and has written an excellent book about his experience.   Follow the links below to take you to the full list of speakers for the year- very interesting topics, and click on my name for a second link to the invitation for my talk in June.

*I will be presenting a talk on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Medical and Psychological Professionals, as part of Dr Jonathan Moch’s “Best CPD in Town” program.  Excerpt from the invitation below:
The Building Resilience Program’s primary aim is to source our best practitioners/speakers in the country to present their insights to a multidisciplinary medical audience. So far, feedback proves we are achieving this objective.Speakers have been Dr Alison Bentley on insomnia, Prof Michael Rudolph on nutrition, Shirra Moch on ethics of cognitive enhancement (pharmacological) , Prof Donna van Bogaert on ethics and critical thinking, Dr Joel Shapiro on Imago therapy, Dr Trish Luck on mindfulness, Dr Ryan Fuller on memory issues, Dan Woolf on addiction recovery, and Dr Jonathan Moch on stress/building resilience  – all have at least 15 years hands on experience in their respective fields, and are held in high esteem by their colleagues.  Our next speaker will Dr Colinda Linde, who will be speaking on Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy (Thursday 7th June, 18h30 -20h30)

Concepts for the talk:

  • The CBT relationship—collaborative empiricism
  • Cognitive restructuring—the ultimate reframe
  • Core beliefs and second order interventions
  • Just DO it—behaviour before cognition
  • A closer look at Panic Disorder

For bookings/CPD accreditation/costs please contact Radley Yawitch

*Check out my segment on Stress and Burnout, aired on “Hello Doctor” (SABC 3) in March 2012. The easiest to view is on the website, front page.

* I was a guest on Lee Bennie’s show, “A word on psychology- radio 702” on Thursday 12 April, 8-9pm. The topic was anger and road rage, and the podcast is available on the 702 website.

*I was a guest on Great Expectations, 11.30-12.30 on etv, Monday 16 January 2012. The topic was “how to survive the morning madness as a working parent.”

*I was the discussion leader at the launch of Investec’s Parenting Forum on 20 January 2012. Well done starting this initiative, Investec! With so many different types of family structure, and South Africa truly being a rainbow nation with its many diverse cultures within cultures, this promises to be an exciting and interesting one!


Recent | Television
Follow this link to see my interview with Marlon Abrahamson on Sibling Rivalry (broadcast on Christmas Eve).

Recent | Corporate Workshop
I just did a talk on Work-life Integration for The Monitor Group last week, 20 December 2011. A great crowd, and kudos to Monitor for addressing this!

Recent | Corporate Workshop
I did a workshop on Work-Life Balance for the marketing team of Syngenta, in November 2011, as part of a team build. Well done Syngenta for remembering that your employees are people, juggling multiple demands!

Current | Magazines
I’m quoted in Fair Lady and Destiny in the November/December issues, in articles on anxiety and stress. An article in Longevity is due soon as well.

Upcoming | Television
Look out for me chatting to Marlon Abrahamson about Sibling Rivalry, to be aired on SABC on Christmas Eve 24 December, on Who’s Your Daddy: A Parenting Show By A Dad, For Dads. Also on YouTube.

Upcoming | CBT Groups
The practise will be launching many new groups in 2012, especially in light of Discovery Health’s new structure whereby psychology has been removed from the mental health category and is now in the same basket as OT, physio, homeopathy, biokinetics, physio  and so on, translating to fewer sessions available for psychotherapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, practical intervention, which can easily be taught in a group format—saving you time and money.

Recent | Television
I’ve just been on 3 Talk with Noeleen, talking about stress and burnout. One of the guests was Richard Hawkey, an ex-banker and now author of Life Less Lived—A Passage through Burnout and Depression in the Suburbs. I did the foreword for the book as I am delighted that a South African man is finally willing to come out and tell his story!

Upcoming | Public Event
On Tuesday 12 July 2011, I’ll be a speaker at an anxiety, depression and bipolar support group meeting, facilitated by SADAG. Details via 011 262 6427 or their website

Upcoming | Radio
I’ll be on the Jenny Crwys-Williams’ afternoon show, on Monday 11 July 2011, attempting to answer the question, “Is it essential to be happy all the time?” Should be interesting!

Recent | Radio
I was on 702 last week, and discussed panic attacks and treatments, as 10 July is World Panic Day.